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Did you say... CrÍpe?

Our crÍpes come in 1 size:

All our mouth watering savory crÍpes can be accompanied with a small salad.


Our crÍpes are prepared with natural ingredients

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  • CrÍpes

    Crepe A crÍpe (from the Breton: krampouezhenn) is a type of very thin pancake (usually made from wheat flour). The word is of French origin, deriving from the Latin crispa, meaning "curled." While crÍpes originate from Brittany, a region in the northwest of France, their consumption is nowadays widespread in France and they are considered a national dish, and they are also increasingly popular in North America. In Brittany, crÍpes are traditionally served with cider. CrÍpes are served with a variety of fillings, from the most simple with only sugar to flambťed crÍpes Suzette or elaborate savoury fillings.

    Our award winning crÍpes come with all sorts of fillings


    Big appetite? CrÍpe du Market prepared with ingredients of the current season and local availability.
    CrÍpe au Jambon prepared with sliced off the bone ham and grated cheese.
    CrÍpe au Fromage prepared with grated cheese.
    CrÍpe aux Epinards prepared with fresh organic baby spinach.
    CrÍpe a la Saucisse prepared with Apple Sausage, green onions and grated cheese.
    CrÍpe a la Dinde prepared with sliced turkey breast and grated cheese.
    CrÍpe Lorraine prepared with diced cured smoke bacon, green onions and grated cheese.
    CrÍpe Red Lentils prepared with curried lentils and grated cheese.
    CrÍpe au Saumon prepared with Atlantic salmon, fresh cilantro and green onions.


    Our crÍpes are made to order. It takes only a few minutes to get a great party. We only use natural ingredients in the preparation of our crÍpes. One of the most popular crÍpe in France is the crÍpe au Nutella.

    You can make a whole meal with crÍpes. Breakfast or lunch. Start with a ham and cheese crÍpe and then treat yourself with a chocolat decadence crÍpe filled with a dark ganache and topped with chantilly cream.


    Our sweet crÍpes will excite your senses.
    Choco folie is a crÍpe prepared with a chocolate ganache and a delightful chantilly. It is topped with a chantilly and toasted sliced almonds.
    CrÍpe au sucre is a crÍpe topped with a light springkle of vanilla powdered sugar.
    CrÍme de Lait is a crÍpe topped with a light caramel chantilly and toasted coconut.
    Choco Banane is covered with a chocolat sauce and banana slices and a vanilla whipped cream. It is topped with a chantilly and toasted sliced almonds.
    Fraise-Chantilly is filled with fresh cut strawberries, and our home made vanilla whipped cream(Chantilly).
    Peche Melba is prepared with raspberry coulis(sauce), and cooked peaches. It is topped with a chantilly and toasted sliced almonds.
    Nutella is a crÍpe topped with Nutella, a smooth creamy paste made with hazelnuts and chocolate.
    our menu may change according to the current season's availability